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Chipper team Volunteers Needed

Recent unprecedented fire weather / high winds have caused several fires in Southern Colorado in the last few days. This is a very timely and important reminder for Blackhawk property owners of how crucial our ongoing fire mitigation is on the Blackhawk!

As most of you know, the Blackhawk Ranch Emergency Management Committee (EMC) will be sponsoring and working with Team Rubicon on Blackhawk Ranch from April 22-24. Team Rubicon is here to assist us in fire mitigation on the steepest part of Wapiti Drive where mechanical mitigation is not feasible. The EMC is seeking out those Blackhawk residents who would be willing to donate time during those three days, to assist operations on two commercial chipper teams that will be working on the slash generated by Team Rubicon. The chippers will be run by EMC members who have trained on these chippers, but we need at least 2-3 more folks on each chipper team to support this work. If you decide to participate, work clothes and gloves are recommended. For those who would like to rent our BHR commercial chipper in the future, this would be a great way to fulfill your field training that is required before you can rent it.

This action is a planned part of a Blackhawk / Colorado State Forest Service fire mitigation matching grant, we were awarded in 2020. This will be our last full summer to complete this matching grant and we need to prioritize getting this work finished.

If you can join us and donate some time to this worthy effort, please notify Brad Brooks (719-252-5621).


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