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Firewise Renewal

November 12 Deadline - FIREWISE

Greetings Blackhawk Friends and Neighbors!

As most of you know, Blackhawk Ranch qualified many years ago as a Firewise USA Community ( While there are many advantages to being a Firewise USA community, there are also some yearly reporting chores necessary for us to remain in good standing.

In particular, we need to report the fire mitigation activities that we as a community and we as individual property owners have undertaken in 2023. The POA has already accounted for the Blackhawk Community Fire Mitigation days and educational events, etc. What we need from you, as individual property owners, is information on your individual mitigation efforts on your own property during 2023. Please help us to continue our FireWise USA Community designation by providing us with the following:

  • Your name and parcel number

  • The type of mitigation activities you undertook

  • The time you spent on mitigation each activity (in hours)

  • The area of mitigation you completed (in acres or fractions of acres)

  • The money you expended related to fire mitigation (vendor payments, rental equipment, equipment maintenance related to mitigation, gas, oil, etc).

  • Email this information to Brad Brooks ( no later than November 12.

We need to have this information in order to assemble the report and submit it to the National Fire Protection Association. We greatly appreciate your partnership in maintaining Blackhawk Ranch as a recognized Firewise USA community.

Best regards to all,

Your POA Board


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