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HAM Radio Opportunity

Hello, Blackhawk Neighbors and Friends:

Those of you who have spent much time on the Blackhawk have no doubt experienced the difficulty in finding cell phone coverage on the ranch due to the many ridges and valleys that are part of the beauty of Blackhawk. The Blackhawk POA Emergency Management Committee has worked over the past two years to find ways to better communicate across the ranch, particularly in Emergency Scenarios. The EMC has spent much time researching radio communications on the ranch as an alternative to cell phones. The EMC has identified dual band (VHF and UHF) radios as very useful alternative communication tools and has tested certain VHF and UHF frequencies across the ranch with very encouraging results. However, the frequencies that work best, are found within the HAM radio frequencies that require a license in order to be used. That license requires testing. However, that is NOT a DEAD END for Blackhawk residents!

As a result of our growing relationship with Team Rubicon and their Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) support teams, Blackhawk Ranch has received an offer of assistance from an ARES member who has volunteered to mentor us on the study materials and sample tests as well as set up testing for the Technician Level Amateur Radio Relay League or ARRL (HAM) certification. This is a very kind and generous offer and it may well be the least intimidating way to earn an entry level HAM license. Interestingly, the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL and ARES) would like our help in our area, so it is a win-win for all involved. Given the increasing fire danger and other natural or manmade threats, being able to communicate effectively on and off the ranch is becoming a priority.

Men and women who are members of the Blackhawk Ranch POA are invited via this announcement to express your interest in learning more about this unique opportunity.

If you ARE interested in learning more at a preliminary meeting, please RSVP Brad Brooks at or 719-252-5621 no later than May 18, 2022 to get in on this action.


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