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New Fire Signs

As most of you know, this has been a very active wildfire season across Colorado and New Mexico this summer. Blackhawk Ranch itself has had two close calls this summer with wildfires raging very nearby. These events, and the fact that we remain in drought conditions in this region, has caused your POA Board to reconsider how we manage fire messaging to our POA members.

After significant discussion within the POA Board of Directors, followed by discussion with fire responding agencies in both Huerfano and Las Animas counties, the following actions and practices on fire messaging and restrictions will be implemented:

1) The current fire condition / restriction signs at the gates of the ranch will be removed.

2) The strategy for fire messaging recommended by county fire responding agencies will be implemented as follows:

a. Fire messaging / restrictions will consist of the following:

i. Old Fire Condition signs will be removed from the gate areas of Blackhawk and be replaced by new signage

ii. New signs will be erected at the three Blackhawk gates with the following wording:

a. This improved Fire Messaging / Restriction strategy stresses engagement of every POA member to responsibly understand current fire conditions as directed from the appropriate fire responding agency while allowing for common sense with regard to the use of open fires in a fire-prone area. It also puts approval and permitting squarely in the hands of the appropriate fire responding agencies who are most knowledgeable of current fire weather conditions and county-wide fire restrictions. Cooperation and collaboration with these agencies is essential.

Given the nature of our wildland fire risk to Blackhawk Ranch, common sense dictates that anyone on Blackhawk Ranch who intends to build an open fire will follow all of these actions.

Please consider reviewing the following documents to be certain you are wildfire aware and ready:


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