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New Management Partner

Hello, Blackhawk Friends and Neighbors:

I want to update you on an important matter . As many of you may be aware, we have had a tumultuous relationship with our business management partner, PMI Pikes Peak, for some time now. On November 20, your Blackhawk Ranch POA Board of Directors formally ended our business relationship with that company.

There were several reasons for this: 1) Lack of responsiveness to POA members’ queries and requests; 2) Lack of timeliness in paying our vendors; 3) Mistakes in payments to vendors; 4) Lack of timely updates on the BHR website (we took it over); and 5) Mistakes in written communications with POA members, such as last year’s dues invoice letter; and 6) Low level engagement on new property owner information tracking.

Given these issues, we have formed a new business relationship for accounting and services with Shoebox SBAS. The founder and principal of that business is Ms. Tammy Jo Smith. All future POA business questions will be handled by Tammy. She can be reached by phone at 719-297-5702 or email at

Going forward, our Blackhawk Ranch POA business address will be:

Blackhawk Ranch Property Owners Association

c/o Shoebox SBAS

911 Douglas Fir Drive

Woodland Park, CO 80863

I think all of us will see a very different level of service and competence from this business arrangement. It should be noted that our BHR POA Annual Dues invoicing will soon be going out to the POA membership. Please be sure that you send your payments to the right address. Your Annual Dues Invoice will contain the right address on the remittance form. However, it is worth emphasizing that if you use old telephone numbers or old addresses in your attempts to communicate with the Blackhawk Ranch POA, this will result in delays or worse, no response.

Best regards and happy Thanksgiving to One and All,


Brad Brooks, President

For the Blackhawk Ranch Property Owners Association Board of Directors


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