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     Blackhawk Ranch is nestled in the shadows of the Colorado Spanish Peaks. Blackhawk Ranch spans an area of more than 7,000 acres and is divided into 185 parcels, each consisting of 35.05 acres or more. 32 miles of private roads traverse the Ranch, providing access to each parcel. As you approach the Ranch, Rouse Road (County Road 312) is intersected by Braden’s Point Road to the west and Fourmile Canyon Road to the east. Parcels 1 through 9 are outside the main entrance to the Ranch and are accessed off Braden’s Point Road. Turning east off of Rouse Road onto Fourmile Canyon Road accesses the main entrance of the Ranch.

     Along Rouse Road and along the roads in the Ranch, you can still see remnants of foundations from houses, schools, and other buildings left over from the thriving coal mining industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

     This website is the primary source of news bulletins, information about living in the area, BHR committees, and information for BHR property owners. The "POA Resources" tab is restricted to property owners only and contains maps, the owners' directory, the board of director minutes, financial statements, and other ranch informational documents.

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All roads are  dry. Drive carefully and slowly to protect your neighbors and your roads.


Upcoming Events

The Blackhawk Ranch POA Board of Directors meeting will be held on Saturday,May 1, 2021. Location to be determined. Contact Brad Brooks if you wish to attend: 719-252-5621.


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