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The mission of the Blackhawk Property Owners Association is to protect and enhance the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the Blackhawk Ranch.

Included below are Black Hawk Ranch documents that guide how we operate as a Property Owners Association.  Also included are other critical documents, records, studies, etc.   We value our community's input, so feel free to contact the Board of Directors with comments or questions. 

Governing Documents

Policies & Procedures 2022

Articles of Incorporation

Covenants (2013)

2019 Covenant Change (page 1) (Page 2)

September 2013 Bylaws

Other BHR Documents


Reserve Study 2022

Cattle Grazing Lease 2009

Cattle Grazing Lease Extension 2013


Archived Documents

Policies & Procedures 2014

Old By-Laws

Old Policies & Procedures

June 2013 Policies & Procedures

Covenants (2008)

POA Documents

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