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If you have concerns regarding Covenant compliance around fire mitigation and forest health activities, see the two paragraphs below.


From the Protective Covenants for Blackhawk Ranch

XII. Land Use: Commercial wood harvesting, mining (including the removal of soil, gravel or rock) and oil or gas production is prohibited. Further subdivision of less than thirty-five acres is prohibited.

From the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act Including Senate Bill 2005-100 and Senate Bill 2006-89 Revisions

(e) The removal by a unit owner of trees, shrubs, or other vegetation to create defensible space around a dwelling for fire mitigation purposes, so long as such removal complies with a written defensible space plan created for the property by the Colorado state forest service, an individual or company certified by a local governmental entity to create such a plan, or the fire chief, fire marshal, or fire protection district within whose jurisdiction the unit is located, and is no more extensive than necessary to comply with such plan. The plan shall be registered with the association before the commencement of work. The association may require changes to the plan if the association obtains the consent of the person, official, or agency that originally created the plan. The work shall comply with applicable association standards regarding slash removal, stump height, revegetation, and contractor regulations.

Process for getting your Individual Conservation Plan


Step 1

Take the deed to your property to Scott at the USDA/FSA office to get your Farm Number Call first because they are not in Walsenburg every day of the week.


Step 2

Talk to Tony at the NRCS and get him your completed EQIP form from the NRCS website. Tony will explain the next steps. The NRCS has a list of contractors who are certified to do forest health and fire mitigation work. 2012 Form


Step 3

Contact a Certified Forester to complete your plan


Step 4

Select contractors to work with you or do the work yourself. Tony at NRCS or CK Morey, at the Colorado State Forest Service can help you find people and resources.


Step 5

File a copy of your approved Individual Conservation Plan with the Blackhawk Ranch POA management office.

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