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The Weeds Are Coming

Dear Property Owners,

Although everyone is happy about the nice, slow rains we are having this spring, so are the weeds! During May and the first weeks of June, it is essential that we eradicate noxious weeds before they spread out of control. Fortunately, Weed Committees of previous years, along with the dedicated work of Cricket Sutter, have maintained their vigilance, but each year a new weed crop arises.

The BHR Board has assumed the responsibility of spraying the road setbacks (20 feet from the center of the road, on each side of the road), and has assigned this task to the Weeds Committee. Twice per calendar year (Spring and Fall), the Weeds Committee surveys the ranch roads of noxious weeds and sprays using a herbicide to manage growth.

This does not, however, relieve the property owner of weed management responsibilities for their property. The Weeds Committee will make a courtesy report to property owners of any noxious weeds observed beyond the road easement. Photos of noxious weeds are available on the BHR Committees website. Property owners may rent a POA owner backpack sprayer to help control weeds on their own property.

Since Blackhawk Ranch maintains 35 miles of roads, the task of patrolling these roadsides for noxious weeds could be overwhelming except for the volunteer work of the Weed Committee. This year, the task will be divided into the quadrants using the EMC map (attached). The Quadrant leaders are Q1 Terry and Susanne Bloomfield; Q2, Ron and Gail Lovely; Q3, Art and Wendy Jackson; and Q4, Brad and Marian Brooks.

HOWEVER, EACH OF THESE QUADRANT LEADERS NEED HELP BECAUSE EVEN EIGHT MILES OF ROAD ARE A LOT! The Board will mix and supply the chemicals and provide the sprayer which will easily fit in the back of a UTV or most ATVs. PLEASE contact ( if you are interested in helping in your quadrant, or if you want to rent a sprayer. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”

The Quandrant Map is attached.


Susanne Bloomfield, Weeds Committee Chair


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